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Simplifying Tax Complexity in LATAM

Entering the intricate journey of understanding taxation in Latin America (LATAM) presents a significant challenge for businesses. The diversity of economies, tax systems, and regulatory frameworks in the region contributes to a complex landscape where careful consideration of tax obligations is paramount.

Amidst these challenges, technology emerges as a powerful ally, and Brinta offers the simplification of tax compliance in LATAM, characterized by:

  • Diversity of Tax Systems - Each jurisdiction defines its own tax systems with their peculiarities and specific regulations. Therefore, companies operating in multiple countries must adapt to a variety of tax landscapes with complex and diverse obligations. Brinta's technology provides a unified platform, consolidating and harmonizing the processing of information used for tax purposes, providing companies with a streamlined approach to compliance in various jurisdictions.

  • Evolving Regulatory Environments - One of the main challenges in the region is the dynamic nature of tax regulations. Brinta integrates its technology to provide and implement these updates in real-time, allowing companies to stay up-to-date with regulatory changes and ensure compliance with ever-evolving obligations.

  • Challenges for Multinational Companies - The intricate network of double taxation treaties, specific regulations, withholding calculations, and the impact of cross-border transactions can be addressed through Brinta's technology. This enables monitoring of different obligations, analyzing results, and ensuring their compliance and management.

  • VAT and Other Indirect Taxes - Value Added Tax (VAT) and other indirect taxes add another layer of complexity. VAT rates, exemptions, and compliance vary among Latin American countries, requiring companies to tailor their approach to each jurisdiction. Brinta's technology automates the calculation and filing of indirect taxes, minimizing errors and ensuring accurate compliance, tailored to the specifics of each jurisdiction.

As we have seen, the tax complexity in the region demands innovative solutions, and Brinta, with its technology that adapts to different businesses, jurisdictions, and information formats (ERP, accounting systems, etc.), is advancing on the path to simplify tax compliance. Its products, developed based on the specific regulations of each jurisdiction and unique obligations, provide the necessary working papers for an effective and quick review of tax obligations, along with the information needed for compliance, management, and monitoring.

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