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Chile: Latest Tax Reform Bill

The recent announcement of the Tax Compliance Bill in Chile, aimed at collecting 1.5% of GDP and closing gaps in tax payments, presents a challenging scenario for businesses. With a focus on administrative modernization and institutional strengthening, this project highlights the need for efficient tax compliance solutions.

🔍 Key Aspects of the Project

  • Administrative Modernization with modifications to banking secrecy and email notification.

  • Informality Control through adjustments in the crime of clandestine trade and financial alerts.

  • Tax Offenses with substantial collaboration, anonymous reports, and reinforced sanctions.

  • Aggressive Tax Planning addressed with improvements in anti-avoidance rules.

  • Expanded powers for the Taxpayer Ombudsman.

  • Obligations regularization with changes in interest rates and payment conditions.

The modernization of systems used by the Tax Authorities requires taxpayers to have solutions that allow for timely and reliable information. Brinta offers a comprehensive tax automation and management solution, enabling companies to have real-time information to manage their tax obligations, through:

📊Comprehensive Dashboard - Access to centralized information for informed decisions. Real-time monitoring of compliance status and areas for improvement.

🔄 Advanced Automation - Automated generation of tax settlements with real-time cross-checks, automatic alerts for deadlines, and adaptability to regulatory changes.

🛡️ Risk Mitigation - Early identification of discrepancies through controls and verifications.

Discover more about how Brinta can help your company.


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