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Withholding Calculations for Cross-Border Payments in LATAM

In the context of international transactions, calculating tax withholdings on payments made abroad poses a significant challenge for Tax teams across Latin American jurisdictions. The complexity of analyzing different types of income, determining and classifying them according to domestic regulations, and considering the specific aspects of Double Tax Agreements (DTA) can complicate this process. However, at Brinta, we've developed an integrated solution to address these complexities and optimize tax compliance.

Our platform combines an advanced tax calculation engine with a tax compliance solution to offer an efficient and accurate way to calculate and verify international tax withholdings in real-time. How do we do it?

  • Tax Calculation Engine - Our calculation engine uses specific rules for each country and type of income, enabling accurate and up-to-date calculations of tax withholdings. This ensures that withholdings are correctly calculated according to current regulations.

  • Integrated Tax Compliance Solution- In addition to calculating withholdings, our solution can also process the corresponding forms and other relevant filings for submission to tax authorities. This eliminates the need for manual processing, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

  • Withholding Certificate Management - In the event that local regulations require the issuance of Withholding Certificates, Brinta's solution provides this service (via API or our Dashboard), considering regulatory requirements and managing their timely availability.

At Brinta, we are committed to streamlining the tax compliance process integrally, offering an efficient and accurate way to meet tax obligations, allowing Tax teams to focus on more strategic and value-added tasks.


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