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🇦🇷 Tax Compliance in Argentina with Brinta

Our automated tax compliance solution offers a wide range of cross checks within its working papers, including information sources provided by tax authorities, among others. This allows for comprehensive and thorough controls, such as:

  • Reconciliation of IIBB (GIT) vs VAT taxable bases

  • Verification of IIBB and VAT withholdings and other credits, including the computability analysis and credit tracking

  • Integrity and sequential controls of issued fiscal documents

  • Reconciliations between tax and accounting balances

  • Verification of purchases and other tax credits, reconciling between different sources of information (For example accounting purchase ledger and tax authority reports)

  • Updated IIBB tax rates according to the local tax regulations

It's worth noting that this is part of the end-to-end tax compliance automation provided by Brinta, which includes the preparation of IIBB and VAT obligations (Forms 2002, 731, 2083, CM03, among others) with their working papers and mandatory annexes, as well as withholding and other collection regimes.

Furthermore, our tax planning solution allows you to monitor the income tax position, prepare CIT and IIBB estimations to stay ahead of filings with the tax authorities, and support the financial decision-making process.

We are committed to providing the support that tax teams need to tackle tax compliance in Argentina at both national and provincial levels. 


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